We have delivered FlexiBridge to many vessels. The feedback has been very positive and constructive. Based on user feedback, we have continued developing Flexibridge, which means that it now includes even more features with improved facilitation of installation and service work.

«Our tailor-made bridge solution from FlexiBridge has lived up to our high expectations. It is a very flexible and tenacious solution that does what it is supposed to. Especially, we will highlight the access solution when service is needed as very good and well thought out. The solutions from FlexiBridge is simple, straight-forward and of high quality, just how we like it on board.»

Ludvik Flaahammer, skipper on board Ro Vision.

«På nær sagt samtlege nybygg frå Larsnes Mek ifrå 2009 til 2020 har vi nytta bruløysinga frå FlexiBridge. Kvaliteten talar for seg. Vidare kommentar skulle ikkje vere naudsynt.»

Jarle Gunnarstein, dagleg leiar Larsnes Mek.

Fishing- and processing vessels

  • MV Libas
  • MV Teigenes
  • MV Gardar
  • MV Knester
  • MV Ro Master
  • MV Ro Vision
  • MV Quantus (Scotland)
  • MV Rofjord
  • MV Ringbas
  • MV Staaløy
  • MV Bernt Oskar
  • MV Liafjord
  • MV Carmona

MS Knester

MV Normand Ferking

Offshore vessels

MV Normand Ferking
MV Acergy Viking
MV Viking Queen
MV Viking Lady
MV Troms Castor
MV Troms Pollux
MV Siem Pilot
MV Havila Commander
MV Havila Crusader
MV Edda Fides