Improves working conditions on the bridge

Flexibridge is a module based bridge console solution that contains free-standing units and screens. This gives an efficient and spacious working environment. A modern and clean design makes the bridge look more inviting.

Modular design provides great flexibility

No vessel is identical. The same also holds true for a Flexibridge solution. The modular design makes it easy to adapt the bridge solution to the customer’s wishes as long as the regulatory requirements are complied with. Flexibridge complies with all classification requirements (NAUT, etc.).


Improved safety

The design featuring independent modules and monitors that do not completely obstruct the view make FlexiBridge the perfect solution for modern bridges where the windows extend all the way down to the deck. This ensures much better visibility and thus improves safety compared with traditional, compact bridge solutions.

Ergonomical design

Flexibridge is designed based on modern principles for ergonomics. The users’ need for important functions within reach, at the correct working height and good visibility has been a major consideration. Both instrument tables and monitors are adjustable to allow for the best possible view or to avoid interference from glare.

Service-friendly construction

The consoles have top plates that are raised and stay up during servicing. The consoles have built-in work lights that are lit automatically when the top plate is raised.

Simple installation

The Flexibridge consoles have been developed to ensure a simplified installation process. The design allows for extensive pre-installation of components and equipment before the consoles are brought to the bridge. Cables are easily installed and all interior edges are rounded to avoid wear and tear.

Rotating monitors

Flexibridge has adjustable monitors, which ensures unmatched functionality and flexibility. Freestanding monitors allow easy replacement. Several monitor sizes up to 23″ are available as well as modern widescreen formats.

Weight saving

Flexibridge offers weight efficient consoles made of powder coated aluminum. Up to 50% lower weight then traditional yard-built consoles.

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