About us

  • Flexibridge is a supplier of innovative bridge consoles solutions for vessels, rigs and other marine installations.
  • We have developed efficient console solutions for safe operations under harsh conditions, in close cooperation with vessel operators, vessel owners, instrument suppliers, yards and ship designers.
  • Today, we are located at Husnes in Kvinnherad in the midst of the maritime western Norway.
  • Flexibridge AS is owned by Fonna Vekst.


  • The history of Flexibridge started around year 2000 when Hatteland employees began developing a prototype for bridge consoles.
  • In 2004, Flexibridge was taken over by Steinsvik Group (Bjørn Apeland) and more products and models were developed and sold.
  • Historically, fishing vessels and PSVs has been the preferred client. And these clients have often been repeating customers due to high satisfaction with the Flexibridge consoles.
  • In 2020 Steinsvik was taken over by ScaleAQ.
  • In 2021 Flexibridge was bought from ScaleAQ (aquaculture) by a group of investors from Husnes, Norway. The investors have strong believe in the Flexibridge line of products and its relation to the market.
  • From August 2021 Flexibridge will be actively on the market, seeking customers who prefer high-end bridge consoles, user ergonomics and operational safety.


To be the preferred partner in vessel bridge consoles.


Through active involvement with customers, ensure that the ship`s operators can handle it with focus on operational safety.