New people on the bridge

After some years of standstill, it is with great joy and pride we can announce that Flexibridge is once again ready to offer its product to the maritime market!

Sveinung M.Pile – Managing Director

Sveinung Pile is employed as Managing Director of the company and has started the job of emerging the company back to the surface again. Much of the work has consisted of organizing the warehouses and systematizing production drawings, but there has also been room for contacting a few of the former customer contacts: “Already in the first conversation with a former customer of Flexibridge, I got the feeling that this is a company that is missed by its clients. The history of the company is simply impressive and being able to take the lead in this new chapter in Flexibridge’s history is a task I look upon with great enthusiasm and joy» Sveinung comments.

The work of rebuilding Flexibridge is well underway, and the company can already announce its visit at the fishing fair Aqua-Nor in Trondheim, in late August. The presence here mainly benefits the company to establish new contact with former customers of the company. «The fishing industry has been and will be very important to Flexibridge. We have previously been a main supplier of bridge solutions to many shipping companies, and it is incredibly motivating to see the reception we have received from former customers after touching base about the new investment” says Sveinung.

“Back in 2020 FlexiBridge delivered module-based bridge consoles to Norway’s ship of the year, the well-known hybrid well boat “Ro-Vision”, Pile continues.  

The forthcoming months will be occupied in further development of the product range and to launch exciting product solutions for new and existing customers.

A new website has been launched at